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Cat Fanciers of Finland’s 45th International CFA show in Finland.
(BONUS: 2 x SSP rings for Championships and Premierships)

John Adelhoch, USA  – AB / Saturday
Melanie Morgan, USA – AB, SSP Chships / Saturday
Lorraine Rivard, CANADA – AB, SSP Prships / Saturday
Olga Grebneva, UKRAINE  – AB, SSP Prships / Sunday
Olga Korotonozhkina,UKRAINE  – AB, SSP Chships / Sunday
Gary Veach, USA – AB / Sunday

Messukeskus, Hall 2, Messuaukio 1, HELSINKI, FINLAND
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Saturday: Check in 8.00-9.00. | Judging & open for public: 9.30-18.00.
Sunday: Check in 8.00-9.00. | Judging & open for public: 9.00-17.00.

NOTE: You must stay at hall till end of advertised judging hours. CFF show is going to be part of the pet fairs and advertised opening hours are for public and exhibitors need to stay till end of the fairs.

Entry closing date is Sunday 14.4.2024 18.00 hours at Finnish time or as soon as 150 cats are entered. According the CFA Show Rules every entered cat must be paid within 10 days of receipt or before the show, whichever is sooner. No cancellations allowed but it is possible to change or update cats information till entry closing date.

First entry: 70,00€ (inc. catalog)
Second entry from same owner: 65,00€
Additional entries from same owner: 50,00€
Temporary registration number (TRN): 25,00€
Full CFA registration (inc TRN for this show): 40,00€
Double cage space for one cat or grooming space (65cm x 65cm): 20,00€
Payment at the door: +10,00EUR to regular entry fees

Messukeskus special:
Burmilla, Devon rex, LaPerm, Lykoi, Ragamuffin and HHPs: 50,00€

Kaisa Ylinenpää |

You can enter your cats by using club’s online entry form, CFA Europe online entry form or CFA entry form.

Cat Fanciers  Finland is not responsible for misdirected or lost entries. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure receipt of entry by the Entry Clerk prior to the closing of the show. No entries by mail. Please, enter your cat in time to avoid any problems.

This is a non-vetted show, but vaccinations will be checked. Bring your vacci-nation records with you. No kittens under 4 months of age will be allowed in the show hall. It is strongly advised that all cats or kittens entered or present in the show hall are inoculated before entry by a licensed veterinarian against feline panleukopenia, feline rhinotracheitis, calici viruses and rabies. It is recommen-ded cats and kittens be tested and found negative for FeLV. All claws of all entries must be clipped prior to benching.

Under current CFA show rules, show management reserves the right to have any cat showing signs of illness, disease or parasites removed from the show hall, in order to protect other cats in the show.  De-clawed cats are not eligible for entry. All household pet entries over 8 months of age must be spayed or neutered. Finnish animal protection law requires cat must have litter box and water bowl all the time in cage.

If travelling from abroad to Finland, please, check current importing regulations from Finnish Food Authority Ruokavirasto

There are no specific show hotel. Lots of pet friendly hotels in close by area. Pasila train station (community trains!) across the street.

Holiday Inn Helsinki-Expo | Link to hotel website
Holiday Inn is located right next to show hall. Pets accepted on request. Pet fee will be charged.

Original Sokos Hotel Tripla Helsinki | Link to hotel website
Hotel Tripla is located just couple minutes walk from show hall and easiest way to show hall goes through Pasila train station and tunnels. Pets accepted on request. Pet fee will be charged.

Scandic Pasila | Link to hotel website
Scandic Pasila is located less than 15 minutes walk from show hall, just couple minutes drive by car. Pets accepted on request. Pet fee will be charged.

Several other hotels close by area. Use to look for hotel alternatives. Use ”Helsingin Messukeskus” to your location on map to find close by hotels. Helsinki city center and Helsinki main railway station is just 10 minutes away by train.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport hotels are located about 15 minutes drive from show hall. Estimated travel cost one way is 30-60 EUR depending on how many people will be travelling in taxi (max 8 persons) and prices also vary a bit between companies.  Preordering taxi costs few euros extra. Hotel reception will help you with taxi arrangements.

Some taxi service contacts:
Kajon |
Vantaan taksi |
Kovanen |
Lähitaksi |
Taksi Helsinki |

Benching requests will be limited to one per exhibitor and will be honered when possible. Please, no negative benching requests.

Club is only offereing a table space and you bring your own cage. Your cage must fit 65cm x 65cm space, otherwise you need to book double cage space. No more than one cat or two kittens may be benched in a single cage. Benching will be in rows.

There is litter available at the show hall but if you take the litter at show hall, you need to take it with you to home. It is not allowed to put cat litter in trash bins. We would recommend that you bring your own litter and take the litter back home and reuse it. This way we all support enviroment.

Limited number of chairs available. Ask from club officiers at show hall.

Free parking at the Parking house.

There are many different fast food restaurants at Messukeskus. You are also allowed to use special exhibitor canteen at second floor close to main entrance door at Messukeskus.

Contact show manager Tuija Aaltonen:

Contact the Entry Clerk if your cat is not yet CFA registered and you want to purchase Temporary Registration Number for your cat. You need to submit form, pedigree and payment before your TRN is awarded.

If you wish to start permanent CFA registration before the show, please, contact Show Secretary.

All entries in Championship (except Novice), Premiership (except Novice), registered Kittens, recorded Household Pets, and registered cats competing as Household Pets with an Household Pet color class prefix will be scored for CFA awards. .

For the well-being of clubs & participants CFA COVID-19 requirements & CFA recommended COVID-19 general practices will be in effect. . All attendees are expected to follow the CFA mandatory COVID-19 requirements and recommended general practices, local, county, national and event facility regulations. Regulations and guidelines are subject to change and will be communicated separately. No COVID-19 requirements currently apply in Finland.


Show manager:
Tuija Aaltonen:

Show secretary:
Pauli Huhtaniemi –

Latests show news can be found from Cat Fanciers of Finland Facebook page.




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